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Intermediate Yoga Kit | Mat, Blocks, Yoga Wheel & Mat holder

Intermediate Yoga Kit | Mat, Blocks, Yoga Wheel & Mat holder

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Enhanced Intermediate Yoga Kit

Elevate your yoga practice with our Enhanced Intermediate Yoga Kit, meticulously designed for yogis who are ready to deepen their practice. With premium components that combine functionality and style, this kit is perfect for those looking to explore more complex poses and enhance their yoga sessions.


  • Premium Yoga Mats with Alignment Lines: Step onto our ultra-responsive yoga mat, designed with precision alignment lines to help guide your poses. The high-quality material provides a firm grip and cushioning, making it ideal for intermediate level poses that require balance and stability.

  • Wooden Yoga Blocks: Elevate your practice with our eco-friendly wooden yoga blocks. These blocks are not only aesthetically pleasing but offer exceptional support and durability for holding deeper stretches and achieving optimal alignment.

  • Yoga Wheel: Introduce versatility with our yoga wheel, a perfect tool for enhancing stretches, improving flexibility, and adding variety to your core workouts. The wheel is sturdy and helps open up the chest, shoulders, back, and hip flexors with ease.

  • Free Mat Holder: Keep your yoga space tidy and your mat in perfect condition with our stylish and practical mat holder. Easy to use and portable, it allows you to carry effortlessly wherever you go.


  • Improved Alignment and Precision: The alignment lines on the mat support precise adjustments while transitioning between poses, enhancing the effectiveness of your practice.

  • Increased Strength and Flexibility: Utilize the wooden blocks and yoga wheel to explore new poses and deepen existing ones, effectively increasing your muscle strength and flexibility.

  • Convenience and Portability: With the included mat holder, moving your yoga gear from home to the studio or outdoors is hassle-free and simple.

Perfect for:

  • Yogis looking to take their practice to the next level.
  • Those interested in exploring more challenging poses.
  • A thoughtful gift for yoga enthusiasts who appreciate quality and sustainability.

The Enhanced Intermediate Yoga Kit is your all-in-one solution for a fulfilling and challenging yoga practice. Embrace the next level of yoga with confidence and style!

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