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Yoga Mat holder belt - Elastic HQ (pack of 2) (Grey Black)

Yoga Mat holder belt - Elastic HQ (pack of 2) (Grey Black)

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Introducing our Yoga Mat Holder Belt, designed to make carrying your yoga mat easier. This belt is suitable for all yoga practitioners, whether you're going to a class, heading outdoors, or simply moving around your home.

Key Features:

Universal Fit: It’s made to accommodate any size of yoga mat. The adjustable straps allow you to quickly secure your mat, keeping it tightly rolled and easy to carry.

Durable Material: The belt is made from high-quality materials that are both strong and lightweight, ensuring it can withstand regular use without adding extra weight to your load.

Simple to Use: Wrapping your yoga mat is straightforward with this belt. Just loop it around, adjust the buckle to tighten, and you're set to carry your mat over your shoulder.

Compact: When not in use, the belt is easy to fold and store, making it a convenient option for those who prefer not to carry bulky bags.

This Yoga Mat Holder Belt is a practical accessory for anyone who practices yoga and needs an easy way to carry their mat. It’s designed for durability, ease of use, and convenience.
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